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Welcome to your resource on all things related to Landscape Gardening. Having recently retired from the trade, I find I now have more time to relax and share some of the things I have learnt while working on a variety of gardens throughout the country. From parks to porches, as long as there is sunlight, you can make it look fantastic. Indeed, I’m still learning new things everyday.

I’ve recently taken on chickens and have discovered that there are so many crops that they can eat and I can easily grow. You’ll find a page all about some of the things I’ve discovered.

You can also find some great tips and tricks as well as how to guides. Whether you’re looking to create a garden that you and your pets will love, add the finishing touches to your yard or create a green space on a balcony, there’s information here to guide you.

For anyone who ever wondered what a landscape gardener does, or who is interested in doing it themselves, read all about the life of one: it’s hard work and long hours, but for those with green fingers, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better job!

The garden is also a fantastic place to grow as a family. With that in mind, there is a page dedicated to family fun projects any family can take part in. It’s great to teach kids about the wonders of the world and you never know, you might actually get them to eat the greens they have grown by themselves!

Finally, organic gardening is even more important at present. I’ve included some short guides to how you can create your own organic pest control measures as well as growing organic crops, including some slightly different foods!

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