Creating a Balcony Garden

Landscape Gardening is not limited to large, open gardens. Recently, more and more urban dwellers have decided to give it a go. This is great and there’s absolutely no reason why you cannot create a garden in a smaller space. Balcony gardens are particularly popular, with city slickers growing vegetables, fruits and flowers on their small bit of space. Here are some tips.

Plan Ahead

It’s important to establish a few things before going ahead and planting. First of all ask yourself the following questions;

  • Which way does your balcony face?
  • Does it get a lot of direct sun throughout the day, or is it fairly sheltered?
  • What is the climate like where you live?
  • How much space are you willing to use for gardening?
  • Do you want to grow food or flowers?

With these questions answered you’ll have a much better idea as to which plants you should buy. For example, if you only have a tiny space, it’s no good buying plants that grow huge as they will take over! If your balcony doesn’t get much sunlight, avoid sun loving plants like tomatoes.

Containers & Making The Most of Your Space

In a balcony garden, containers are essential. Flower pots, trays, sacks and troughs can all be used depending on what you want to grow. Ensure all containers are able to drain. Place bricks under ground pots to raise them up. As space is no doubt limited, considering vertical gardening. Select plants that don’t need an awful lot of space to grow and place your containers one above the other. Cable ties can be used to secure containers on rails, or shelves can be used. Hanging baskets are fantastic and climbing plants can look beautiful entwined on a trellis or railing.

Plants & Crops

Pretty much any plant can be grown on your balcony. Some favorites include:

  • Potatoes – grown in a sack;
  • Nasturtiums – In a hanging basket or trailing a rail;
  • Hanging tomatoes;
  • Peppers;
  • Carrots and radishes in shallow troughs stacked vertically;
  • Marigolds for organic pest control;
  • Various types of Herbs;
  • Jasmine, for a wonderful smell;
  • Climbing beans.

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