Four Fun Family Gardening Projects

The garden can be the social hub for your family, and not only in summer. It can be enjoyed all year round and there’s always something to do!

Create a Vegetable Patch

Enjoying the fruits (or vegetables, literally) of your labor is incredibly rewarding. It’s a great way to get your kids interested in the garden and eating their greens as well! Get them involved from the very beginning, turning the soil and sowing seeds. It’s bound to keep them interested and it’s a great chance to get their hands dirty without getting in trouble. As the weeks go by, water your crops together and enjoy watching them growing. You can even create a separate section that is their responsibility. It’s a great experience for kids that teaches patience and an appreciation of the world outside!

Redesign Your Garden

If your garden is looking a bit neglected and you’re looking to breathe some life into it, get your kids involved and get their take on garden design! After you spring clean your garden together, get the sketchpads out and design your family’s perfect garden. The great thing about starting from scratch is that you can create a garden unique to your family, with something that appeals to every member!


Rather than just waiting for the birds to come to you and your family, encourage them in with some great projects. A simple, hanging bird feeder can be made from a milk carton and bamboo. Create a bird bath with three different sized flowerpots stacked one on top of the other with a terracotta saucer placed on top. The kids will surely enjoy painting these in bright colors!

Growing Sunflowers

Sunflowers are great for kids to grow with minimal supervision. They grow fast and they grow tall. It’s great when they become taller than your kids! Once the flower dies, don’t fear. Show your kids how to let the seeds dry out in the sun, before harvesting them. Or roast them up and enjoy a tasty, healthy, homemade snack!

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