The Life of a Landscape Gardener

Most people don’t really know what exactly it is that a Landscape Gardener does. Is it just a glorified term for a groundskeeper? Or are they the guys that build labyrinths? Well, to answer the question, they do a bit of anything and everything garden-related. Landscape Gardeners are responsible for both the design and practical completion of a successful garden.


Most jobs begin with a meeting with the client. It’s important to spend time with them and discuss thoroughly what they want. It’s worth taking a notepad and writing down the key points, measurements and rough sketches for later use. The more information you get from the client, the better your designs will be for them.

Unleash The Creativity

Armed with the client’s brief and your own notes, it’s time to sketch out some initial ideas. They’ll normally make a detailed plan as well as some sketches showcasing the potential finished garden. During this stage, it’s important to think about what plants are best for the space and what plants will work together to create a harmonious ecosystem. Once the designs are complete, it’s time to show the whole lot to the client. If all is well and they’re happy with your ideas, you can then move on and make it a reality. The client sometimes wishes to make some alterations and occasionally you’ll have to go back to the drawing board.

Get Cracking!

With the plans in place and the client happy, it’s time to get stuck in. A Landscape Gardener is not only a designer. Oh no, they’ve got to be happy to get their hands dirty! They will be familiar with long days and hard work, do anything from planting trees to erecting fences and building rockeries. They are also responsible for buying materials and renting equipment if necessary. A thorough knowledge of plants is essential as well as practical skills such as wood working. For larger spaces a team will help complete the work, but for private gardens it’s not unusual for the Landscape Gardener to do everything alone.

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