Growing Edible Flowers

Short on space and not sure whether to grow food crops or flowers? You can have the best of both worlds and create a gourmet garden. Flowers have been appearing on the menus of various cultures around the world for thousands of years. Now you can easily grow your own!

Chive Flowers

These purple beauties are excellent in a salad and have a light taste similar to onion. They look wonderful in the garden and on the plate. Being easy to grow, they’re a popular choice. Simply grow chives as normal but wait until it has flowered before harvesting. Of course, you can leave them in the garden to act as a natural pest repellent as well.


A great plant to have in the garden for its pest control powers as well as the beautiful leaves and flowers. This super plant can be trained to climb or it looks fantastic cascading from a hanging basket. The taste is peppery, similar to cress and both leaves and flowers can be added to salads or cooked meals.

Zucchini Flowers

These big yellow flowers are great for stuffing. They’re crisp and delicious and can also be deep fried. Wait until the male flower has pollinated the female flower in order to grow zucchinis as well. In fact, nearly all members of the squash family produce edible flowers, from cucumbers to watermelons.


This is a great flower to grow if your garden enjoys a lot of sunlight. They’re bold and beautiful and come in many colors and varieties. The taste ranges from spicy to smokey pungent, not unlike radish. They can be used to give a salad or rice dishes a little extra kick. Just use them sparingly as they can overwhelm the other flavors if you’re not careful!

Other edible flowers such as Borage are great for decorating cocktails. Create fancy ice cubes by freezing Rose petals with water or garnish a gin and tonic with lavender to impart its unique taste!

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