Grow A Garden For Your Chickens

While raising chickens can be hard work, there are several benefits.

  • Each day you’ll be rewarded with delicious, fresh eggs, the taste of which does not compare to shop bought eggs.
  • Besides providing great eggs, chickens are an endless supply of excellent fertilizer. When mixed with compost, chicken litter will give your soil the boost it craves.
  • Finally, they provide excellent pest control. They love to feast on the bugs that love to feast on your plants.

That’s what chickens can do for you each day, so what can you do for your chickens?

Give Them a Good Home

Happy chickens produce more eggs. Keeping a chicken happy is relatively easy. Keep them safe and with plenty of space to roam. When buying a chicken coop, consider how many chickens you have and be sure there is space enough for them. There are many styles available and you can even make your own. A chicken coop and garden shed combo can be very useful for those short on space. An outdoor space to roam and a shelter is basically all they need, though a separate area for egg laying is a nice touch. Straw bedding should be changed regularly (it can go straight onto the compost).

Keep Them Well Fed

You can feed chickens from your own garden rather than relying on commercial chicken feed. You could even consider reserving a separate patch for your chicken crops!

  • Berries are a favorite and the bushes are easy to grow.
  • Sunflowers grow fast and chickens love the whole plant.
  • Herbs such as basil, parsley and fennel are tasty – even for them!
  • Nasturtiums attract certain bugs that chickens love to eat, but are also edible.
  • They also love kale, spinach and lettuce.
  • Tomatoes are a favorite.
  • Garlic gets gobbled up quickly and boosts their immune system.
  • Broccoli is full of nutrients and also doesn’t last long!
  • Ground oyster and egg shells provide calcium.

Be sure to leave some grit or coarse sand for the chickens to aid with their digestion when eating larger foods, as they have no teeth!

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