Decorating Your Garden

Leaving a garden unfurnished is like leaving your house empty. With the groundwork done and your plants thriving, it’s well worth adding a few finishing touches to your garden. From functional outdoors furniture to stylish planters, it’s these touches that allow you to put your stamp on your personal green space. If you’re stuck, here a few ideas;

A Colorful Garden

If you want to create a bright, vibrant, family friendly garden, invest in some tins of bright, non toxic paint and brighten up some everyday objects. Old car tires, desks and boots can all be painted and used as planters. Half tires can be mounted on walls, or full ones can be stacked on the ground. Colored boots can be kept on the ground or attached to a fence. Why leave the rocks grey and boring? These too can be painted and even used as vegetable markers! The kids are bound to have fun painting the garden furniture!

The Rustic Look

An old fashioned wishing well looks great in any rustic garden. Log benches and tables surrounded by trees and ivy are both functional and beautiful. Why not create a log cabin summer house, or a rustic garden shed? Old wooden wagon wheels and barrels can be used as simple decoration or to house plants. Tree stumps can also be put to good use as stools or hollowed out to make planters.

Slick and Stylish

Modern garden furniture comes in many varieties to suit all tastes. Pick tables and chairs that match your personality and the space available. Minimalist water features add a sense of tranquility and look great at the same time. A raised decked area is a fantastic place to relax with friends and can become complete with the addition of a hot tub! Place elegant statues and ornaments among your plants to liven things up a bit.

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